Welcome to my site and thank you for delving further into the home of Dogs of Our World (DoOW.) I'm Yvette Jones, a passionate and long-time traveller and for many years I have taken photos of my journeys; of cities, buildings and monuments, of people and street life, of wildlife and the natural world at large.

I have a particular affinity for photographing dogs from around Our World, capturing their essence, their cultural surroundings, their interplay with humans and showcasing their stories. What began as an idea and dream to produce a coffee table book called Dogs of Our World with photos and stories from my journeys and interactions over the years, has grown some legs which I am openly and actively exploring!

For many years you could pick up an photo album and view the events of my life and travels through its pages. Back in the days of film, I would get double or sometimes triplicate copies of photos developed, so that I could share the memories and moments with friends and family. Now in the age of digital, the practice of sharing my photos has not changed, just the medium through which I share; via email rather than hard copy most of the time! 

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Albeit my photography has developed and taken a slightly different bent since that time, I still look through my lens with the same intention and motivation; to capture the feeling and authenticity of the moment.  To create images which tell a story. 

My photography often means scratching the surface and connecting where possible, with the back story of my subject matter. Often that means hanging out with local people or dogs. That in turn, has presented me with some amazing opportunities, experiences and connections with people and dogs alike from around Our World.

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Popayan, Colombia

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