Dogs of Our World (DoOW): photographs and stories capturing and depicting how the lives of dogs are lived around Our World; from the interplay dogs have with their cultural and geographic environments, to the relationships and connections they share with us humans. 

"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen" - Orhan Pamuk

Occheuteal Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

DoOW was first conceptualised, albeit in a raw and different form, a number of years ago on a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. I was on the southern beaches of Cambodia surrounded by numerous beach dogs and I was in my element. It was there, siting on a round, large-cushioned wicker chair with a handful of fully grown dogs jumping all over me and tussling with each other, that I first wondered if I could create a life blending a mix of my passions; dogs, travel, photography and exploring Our World around us. Fast forward a number of years and I have thrown caution to the wind to follow a long-time passion and dream; creating Dogs of Our World (DoOW).

There are few places I have ventured on my travels both near and afar, where I have not seen dogs within the local landscape. They are often a very prominent feature of their local environments. From remote and extreme environments to couch loungers in the plushest of places. Few other animal, if any, has stood the test of time alongside humans quite like our canine companions, nor, in my opinion, is any other animal quite as adaptable to us humans as what dogs are. As highly social, observant and adaptable animals, they have developed and evolved to mirror and blend with the niche environments they happen to find themselves in. They are Our companions, Our teachers, Our family members, Our work colleagues, Our spare time, Our conduits to other people and a very large part of Our hearts. They are in Our streets, Our homes, Our parks and Our backyards. They live in all manner of places stretching all over Our World. 

From Nicaragua to Nepal, Cambodia to Colombia, America to Australia and beyond, Dogs of Our World (DoOW) showcases how the lives of dogs are lived around Our world.

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